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Beach. Relaxation. Bonding.
An enjoyable vacation awaits everyone!

Budget-friendly Accommodations
for all

Having fun doesn’t need to cost much. Enjoy new experiences with our not-so-common accommodations!

Experience Samba Bluewater Resort

Seaside Hostel
Seaside Hostel is perfect for groups who want to share each and…
Ocean Deck
A unique Room Accommodation for 4 people that features cozy, relaxing ambience…
Samba Deluxe Nipa Hut
Deluxe Nipa Huts are equipped with an air-con, cable TV, and bathroom with…
Samba Groupie Nipa Hut
Samba Groupie Nipa Hut is perfect for families with kids. There are…
Native Tent
Native Tent is a fan room that is good for 2 persons.…
Glamping Cabana
Glamping Cabana or Glam Cab is located at the beachfront to provide…

What Our Customers Say

“We tried all the water sports and we really enjoyed it! The rooms and cottage are nice! I also commend the Comfort room its very clean!

The staff are accommodating! Over all it was really a wonderful Experience!!!”

Rafael Armada Tabios